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Personalized Holistic Healthcare

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Ashlee Jane, NMD

Naturopathic Medical Doctor

I help people to write their stories. This may look like feeling better in their bodies, updating beliefs, connecting with and processing emotions, and removing obstacles to deep healing. I offer more than a capsule. I walk with you down your own unique healing path.​


I've spent the last 13 years studying, working, and traveling around the world to build a holistic healing paradigm that helps my patients achieve a deeper level of healing with each symptom we correct. Whether my patients come in for hormones or heartburn, they leave with a better understanding of their body, their individual needs, and how to sustain their health.   


I've completed an eclectic collection of trainings to offer my patients a unique approach to holistic healthcare. With a background in physiology, diagnostics, counseling, nutrition, energy medicine, herbalism, homeopathy, and hands-on therapies, I am uniquely trained to connect the dots of your individual healthcare puzzle, so that you can stop being a number, and start healing in the way that is unique to you. 


My approach might be different than you've experienced before. I don't standardize my treatment for a particular diagnosis or symptom, I don't require every patient to do expensive testing through my office, I don't focus your treatment on "fixing" lab results, and I don't have short, infrequent visits. This approach is available elsewhere. My patients don't want this approach, or find me because this hasn't worked for them. Real results often require an individual approach. 

I use a holistic individual approach, treating every person as unique instead of an algorithm, so that we can correct all of your personal needs for a lasting result. I spend time helping my patients understand their condition and their route to health, so that we can follow progress and watch for signs of healing together. We communicate frequently to address any issues that show up along the way. We will discuss options in testing and treatment and make a plan together that fit their values, goals, budget, and preferences. I find the best approach is the one that my patient is excited about, so working together to create a unique plan helps us find the best solutions to fit the individual.

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MediKha was born from a commitment to holding open healing space to nurture individuals on their unique paths to physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

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