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All of my experiences with Dr. Jane at MediKha have been so affirming. She is kind and open, taking the time to really listen to my concerns. She’s thorough and has helped me balance and heal several imbalances that other doctors have overlooked. Her natural approach to medicine is gentle yet effective. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a holistic approach to medicine and healing the body.            ~KS
  Dr. Jane’s approach to my care has made a believer out of me. I was so tired of being sent home with no answers to my health concerns, again and again, from my conventional PCP. Dr. Jane knows what questions to ask, and takes such time and care in making sure that she understands the full scope of the situation. It’s so nice not to feel rushed through my appointment, and to leave the appointment feeling like I was actually seen, heard, considered, and best of all, given answers. Dr. Jane is worth every penny.       ~PC
The best. Ashlee has been a haven for me in supporting me postpartum, and in helping me heal my stomach and get me to a point where I feel like myself again. She has also helped me with allergies and other common struggles. Always has such amazing insights into the human body, and truly cares about her patients. I can’t sing her praises enough. Go see her right now, don’t put your health off any longer!!  ~RW
Although I have been a naturopathic fan for years, here in Boise and in other cities, I was skeptical on the ability to improve my migraines which had become debilitating at 3x/week. Former naturopathic doctors were not successful in migraine help. She did not give up and continued to investigate and be creative. I am so very grateful to her for vastly improving my quality of life. Thank you Dr Ashlee. Highly recommend.     ~LK
Homeopathic Bottles
Dr. Ashlee Jane has been incredible in not only identifying what my digestive issues were but also effectively treating them. I had been to multiple GI doctors and by far Dr. Jane was the most helpful, knowledgable, and kind doctor I have worked with. She clearly wanted me to heal, not just feel better and that is so important to me. The clinic is amazing and welcoming. They literally changed my life, and healed me from the inside out!        ~MB
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